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The "lagoon" of Poros ...

... along with fantastic weather conditions and mild winds provide a magnificent training center, which is the ideal place for nautical sports activities.

The main reason for highly developed water sports in Poros is because it provides great infrastructure, facilities, schools and clubs for learning and training.

Rowing competitions are held annually in Poros in which many organizations took part from different areas, therefore, making it a special event. Various prominent Greek and foreign oarsmen have trained in Poros.

There are two nautical associations, N.O.P.T. and ONAT, and two water ski schools in Neorio and Askeli.

From N.O.P.T., Dimitri Mougios became a Silver medalist in the rowing competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympics .


Alsos Papantoniou
Tel./Fax 22980 25403 - 22980 25619
e-mail : nopt_poros@yahoo.com


N.O.P.T. founded in 1971 and operates in Poros and the region of troizina.

N.O.P.T. operates segments of rowing, canoeing, water ski and dancing school.

NOPT trains about 90 athletes in all departments and enhance almost every year the national rowing teams, canoe-kayak and water ski.

The rowing athlets of the 1983 participated for the first time in National Games with a small group and then slowly built, arriving in 1996 to highlight world-class athletes in their categories.

In 2008, NOPT knows the greatest success in the face of Mougiou Dimitri, who along with Vassilis Polymeros won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, just before they were already world champions in the double skiff rowing lightweight men.

Apart from the rowing NOPT displays a strong presence in the sport of canoe-kayak. Becoming three times first in the overall ranking of medals, Champion Club National Championship in the 2000 National Championship and Development in 2004 and 2006.

The oldest sport, skiinghas got life from the foundation of NOPT the 1971 and trainig is deing done in facilities in Drepani location and the Trizina Neorio Poros. The department is supervised by Sotiris Cypriot pan-European Slalom Senior 1 Champion for several years Champion. Today it has about 10 active athletes with high distinctions World and European level as well as many gold medals nationwide.

To supplement the water workouts, NOPT has got Training Ground for its athletes.


NAT, founded in 1991, mainly retains segments of rowing. Even though it hasn’t existed as long as N.O.P.T., it has made many accomplishments as well.

In 1998, the first Balkan victory with the athlete Paraskevi Dimitriadou.

In 1999, the second Balkan victory with Paraskevi Dimitriadou.

In 1999, 5 bronze medals in rowing and 4 silver medals in the National championship.

In 2001, second place in the Women's Skiff Competition at the Mediterranean Games in Tunis

In 2001, third place in the Women's Skiff Competition at the National Cup held in Austria

Hosted on-site at the Pregymnasium are about 10 athletes, hoping to increase in the future.

Dimitrios Karytsoulis is the President.

Contact Numbers: 22980 - 23960 & 22664

Athletic Association of Poros

In football, the football club "Poros FC", competes in regional championships. Their stadium is located on the Pregymnasium site

The fitness enterprise of Poros

The Fitness Enterprise of Poros has track department and their athletes exercise on the terrain of the Pregymnasium. It’s a sports club - member of SEGAS.

Telephone: (22980) 26 169, 24128., FAX: (22980) 24128





120m2 Gym-Hall in Agio Stefano


160 athlete members

Training Workforce

Konstantinos Gion - Professor of Physical Education

Nikos Karababas -  Professor of Physical Education

Georgia Livanos -  Professor of Physical Education